Backpropagation in simpler terms.

backpropagation can be easy
backpropagation can be easy
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Recently I started to pick up machine learning, neural networks etc., and have been doing some online courses on them. In one chapter about nodes and their respective gradients, the narrator was firing away with “ok, so the value for this is 1, then that will be 5 and so this is 3” as the numbers on screen popped up one by one.

I struggled to understand why.

It took a bit of searching around for other sources and materials, and a few days for me to digest the idea. If you are like me and…

From the non-technical clients’ perspective

portrait of an ideal developer
portrait of an ideal developer
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Over the last few years, I have had the privilege of working with clients from a vast spectrum of backgrounds — agencies, technopreneurs on their first projects, second-generation owners of traditional businesses looking to digitalise etc. Most of these clients came to me through word of mouth, and some of them have had prior experiences engaging other developers.

Other times, I was invited to join the clients’ “league of extraordinary programmers” in order to complement the skillset required for a project.

From these engagements, I was able to observe how and when clients drop or…

for beginners, and possibly even non-beginners

good practices can make programming less frustrating
good practices can make programming less frustrating
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None of the following points are super technical and are not aimed to propel anyone into the top league of coders. It is really just basic stuff, but which I think, have either been neglected, or misunderstood and misused.

1. Don’t leave unnecessary codes behind deliberately

I don’t mean codes or functions that are phased out, and might be useful later. Like a tiny validateStuff() or generateLog() where it might be referenced in part or in whole later.

I mean things like renderSceneOne() that exists in multiple versions throughout the same file, where only a line or two inside have been…

Reflex, Revenge, Repeat

We hurt ourselves and others unknowingly without self-awareness
We hurt ourselves and others unknowingly without self-awareness
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Disclaimer: I am not a professional and don’t claim to be one. The following are from my own observations.

Before I begin, allow me to quote Wikipedia’s definition of “self-awareness” —

Self-awareness is how an individual consciously knows and understands their own character, feelings, motives, and desires.

So what happens when we don’t have self-awareness?

1. Behave on Reflex

Everyone knows the knee-jerk reflex. Our body reacts without a thought to an incoming external force. We don’t even know that we had done it, or why.

Last December I was on a cruise, and a young waiter behind my chair accidentally…

when you are a non-tech person and you have an idea for an app or platform

Making a new application can be daunting
Making a new application can be daunting
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Creating a new app can be daunting, especially when you have no technical background.

I have met many clients in this situation over the years, and here are some tips that I’ve learnt from them that might help you:

1. Ask yourself why you are making it and why now

I had a client years ago who came to us to make a simple app to share readings in his religion. I also had another client who wanted to make apps for an animal shelter. …

Lois T.

On a ‘sabbatical’ from running a s/w studio, reflecting on the mistakes in order to move forward. Learning neural networks, machine/deep learning on my own.

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